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Our Mission

    To provide Technology solutions to our clients that will meet and exceed their expectations. We will
maximize our clients technology investment to get the maximum benefit for their technology dollars.  We will challenge our company to earn the position as one of the most recognized and trusted technology solution firms and establish a level of service that is unmatched by others. 


Customer Testimonials

    We at Oak Printing would like to express our complete satisfaction with Cayman Technologies, Inc. Choosing Cayman to configure and install our network system has proven to be a great decision. It has been a pleasure to witness first hand your commitment to getting the job done correctly and expeditiously. You have done a fantastic job of understanding our needs, capturing/preserving our data, upgrading our applications, and working with us to assure a smooth transition from our old system to the new one.


    Your knowledge of older technologies as well as emerging ones enhanced the quality of your solutions for the many conversion problems encountered during implementation. This enable rapid transition from our old system to our new ones with very few glitches. Our network came upon and has stayed up without problems thanks to your expertise in network configuration, installation and deployment.


Once again we are extremely impressed and satisfied with your services. We are looking forward to a long relationship.


Thank you

Mr. Jim H.

The Oak Printing Company.


    I have to say, it has been a pleasant experience working with you on the network. Other than a couple of very minor and expected glitches your installation has been smooth and near flawless.  The professionalism shows in a big way.  I know this type of installation and set-up can get difficult in a hurry, but the planning and foresight of your staff and yourself minimized the potential for these type of problems.  Additionally, your creativeness and experienced made this project a great value.


    Were pleased and grateful for your efforts.  Thanks, we couldn't have made this happen without you. Please pass along our gratitude to all of your staff as well.  Please feel free to pass along my name to any potential clients if they would like to hear about our experience and results.


Best Regards,

Bill L.

LD&D, Inc.



    This is just a brief note from Stan W. and my Self regarding your splendid work on the EJA pilot uniform website. From concept, to planning and testing, to the final rollout; the degree of technical expertise, experience and professionalism demonstrated by Cayman Technologies, Inc. contributed in large measure to the projects success.


    Thus far, the response from our pilot forces has been overwhelmingly positive concerning the sites content and ease of navigation. Ongoing improvements and enhancements to the site will only serve to further facilitate the task of uniform replacement. We are reliant on your continued support in this and potentially future endeavors.



Tim M.


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