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 Best of the Best support for businesses!, That’s not just our motto, it’s our way of doing business.  We work with you and your current hardware and software investment to meet your company’s needs and goals.  If you decide that you need to invest in upgrading your systems we can be there from start to finish, making sure it gets done right the first time.

With over 20 years of experience in all aspects of Networking and Computers we can fix those nagging network and software problems.


If you don’t currently have a network and want the convenience and cost savings of file and printer sharing we can design a network to fit your needs, from 2 computers to 2000.

We are a local company based in Central Ohio, so with a monthly maintenance agreement we can be there when and where you need us to keep your business running day or night.


Are You Safe?

Do you know who has access to your data?  We can make sure you control your valuable data and network resources.  Using Microsoft NT Best Practices standards we can give you peace of mind when it comes to internal and Intranet security, and user access.


Using a high level CheckPoint Firewall custom configured to your needs we can protect you from unauthorized intrusion via the Internet, external hackers, and other networks.


We can also implement and update a virus solution package to protect your hardware, data, and email from malicious viruses and worms.


You can rest easy knowing that Cayman Technologies, Inc. is constantly checking for new virus updates, program patches, bug fixes, and software updates through all major computer vendors to make sure your network security will keep out the bad guys.


Cayman Technologies, Inc. is certified by:

  • Microsoft

  • Webroot

  • Cisco

Where’s Your Competition?

Can your customers get important information from your Web Site, or do they have to go to your competition? 


It may be simpler and cheaper to have your own web presence than you think.  Cayman Technologies, Inc. can have your site set up on the Internet, registered with the search engines, and have you browsing your own Web Site quickly and easily.  We can also make important changes to your site or train one of your employees to keep your information current.  You also have the option to have your own Intranet, where you can keep employees informed of product changes, benefit and insurance info, and company policies and procedures, right on your own network.


You can have the advantage of an e-mail address with your company’s name, and advertise every time you contact anyone by e-mail.  Not sure what the Internet and e-mail are all about?  We can advise you on current trends, and benefits, for your individual needs. 


Good Year? 

It can be with Assessment from Cayman Technologies, Inc.  We can verify all of your retail, off the shelf, software with the original manufacturer and let you know if it is:

  • Compliant

  • Needs a patch or fix

  • Needs to be upgraded

  • Needs to be replaced with a different software package

You can use this list to make the updates yourself, or have us do it for you.  We are also able to verify your PC hardware and firmware.


 Moving Up? 

Are you ready to take your hardware or software to the next level of reliability and ease of use?  Let Cayman Technologies, Inc. make the upgrade for you.  Whether it’s upgrading your Microsoft Office software or your network operating system, we have the experience, people, and training to make it happen smoothly. 

  • All versions of Microsoft Office

  • Windows 10

  • Microsoft Windows 2010 thru 2019

What’s Wrong Now?

Does it seem like there is always something wrong with your computer?  Whether it’s the spell checker in the word processing program or windows just won’t shut down, sometimes you need a friendly voice to answer a simple question, or just want a technician to stop by and fix it.


Cayman Technologies, Inc. has expert PC support consultants that enjoy customer service and speak your language, not just computer language.  They can walk you through a simple fix over the telephone, or schedule a time to stop by, and keep you doing what you do best, your business.


We can also help out with relocating computers and networks, printer problems, and wiring.


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